Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 4: Making Your Research Clearer

1)Laptop Bag

P:This bag is gray in colour.It is bought in Bukit Timah Shopping Center.

I:I like this bag as it has a waterproof cover.

E:I am very happy as I like this gray and black design.

S:It can has a compartment for a Laptop.

2)Something given to you by somebody.

P:It is a black and yellow watch.
I)I like this watch as it has many functions and I am used to this watch.

E)At first I was confused as i did not know how to use this watch,but after many tries,I managed to learn all of my watch functions.I was happy that I managed to learn all its functions.

S)I t can tell me the time so that I will not be late for lesson,etc,etc.

3)Taking an MRT Ride



E:I like taking an MRT ride as it moves very fast and we can see different types of people there.

S:I can make the ride more enjoyable if I give my seat to a person who needs it more than me.

Watching a documentary or movie.

P)People/animal/etc. acting on the show

I)I enjoy watching horror/action-comedy shows/movies.

E)I am happy and relax when I watch them.


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